Visiting Scholars Program

The Visiting Scholar program brings noted Biblical and theological scholars to Rumple each year for a two-day in-person event in the fall and a remote presentation in the spring. 

Our visiting scholars often challenge us in ways that lead to changes within ourselves as individuals and as a church. We have even seen our visiting scholars inspire new outreach efforts. For example, Dr. Norman Wirzba’s pre-pandemic visit led to a new Creation Care group at our church.

While the Visiting Scholars program is part of Rumple’s focus on education, we have found it can influence all that our church does. See how this program speaks to Rumple’s four cornerstones of mission, education, community, and worship.

Watch Previous Visiting Scholars Online

One positive outcome of the pandemic is that we now record our visiting scholars. You can watch a variety of recent visiting scholars and other guest speakers on our YouTube channel.

These events are open to the public, and we would love for you to join us! To learn more, please contact the church office.