New Members

Ready to join Rumple? Here’s the new member form you will need to complete. You may submit it online.

We welcome all persons who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to join the congregation of Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church. As prescribed by our PC(USA) denomination, you are invited to become a member in one of the following ways:

  • By profession of faith: If you have never been a member of a Christian church, you may join by professing your faith in Jesus Christ. For any who have not been baptized, you may receive this sacrament.
  • By reaffirmation of faith: If you have been a member of a Christian church, and your membership is inactive, you may reaffirm your faith in Jesus Christ.
  • By transfer of membership: You may join by transfer of membership from any Christian church, regardless of denomination.
  • As an affiliate member: Because we have many seasonal residents, we have established the category of affiliate member. If you live elsewhere and are a church member of a church in that community, you may choose to affiliate with us. Many of our affiliate members take active roles in our service projects, on committees, and much more while they are in Blowing Rock. Affiliate members receive our newsletters and mailings year round.

Inquirer’s Class

We invite all who are interested in learning more about Rumple to attend an inquirer’s class, which our pastor schedules as needed. Session receives new members after the pastor makes their status known. If you have an interest in joining us as you seek to live out your faith in Jesus Christ in community with us, please reach out to the pastor or any member of Session. Please contact us for more information.