Choral Scholars Program

The Choral Scholars program at Rumple offers students from Appalachian State University an opportunity to use the skills they are developing as a music major in a local congregation. This performance-based setting allows students to see how the function of sacred music goes beyond music for its own sake and gives voice to the individual worshiper and the larger community of faith. Whether celebrating special sacraments during the service or simply participating in weekly worship, students have an opportunity to help express these moments through music.

Rumple church members are quick to embrace students and make them feel at home. For many students, this program serves as their introduction to a church setting. The program also introduces a potential source of service and income for these students’ chosen field of study.

Many students who have served as choral scholars have gone on to use their skills in local congregations after leaving the university. Their responses point to the success of the program. Upon completing their time at Rumple, they are eager to share this opportunity with their friends. To learn more about Rumple’s Choral Scholars program, feel free to contact the Minister of Music at Rumple David McCollum.