Rumple House is nearing completion. Material backlogs have been the biggest issue but things are moving along. The workroom/breakroom cabinets are ordered and are about three weeks away. Plumbing fixtures are also ordered and should be in shortly. Another hold up has been the new flooring that we are trying to select to match the existing flooring. The material supplier thinks they have located a match and will get it as soon as possible. Painting is proceeding on the interior and the exterior will be finished soon, weather permitting. The HVAC system is now operable in the house. The stone wall along Main Street is being rebuilt, using the original stone as much as possible. Sidewalks and final grading will also start soon. Final completion is probably still a few months away.

The architects and engineers are proceeding with the development of the plans for the Educational Building. An onsite meeting will occur in the next few weeks with the consultants and Terry Lentz to address the new stairway to the second floor, the Frescoes, and electrical and plumbing matters. We are expecting plans to be ready for permitting toward the end of May.

-The Rumple Building Committee