Sarah Parker

Director of Operations

Sarah moved the the High Country in 2018 to follow her husband as he finished undergrad and graduate degrees in Social Work at Appalachian State. Originally from Southeastern Kentucky, Sarah found her way to North Carolina through Wake Forest University School of Divinity where she earned a Masters Degree in Divinity. Sarah has served on ministry staff in both Baptist and UCC churches, but she joined Rumple in June 2023 after over 3 years working at App State. Sarah is passionate about community building and believes that the local church can help build communities that foster love and support for all people.

In her free time you can find her cooking, watching football, or hanging out with her three dogs: Tucker, Okie, and Rodeo. She is always up for a cup of coffee and a chat!

What do you like most about winter in the high country?

Spending time curled up with coffee and my dogs!

What is your Favorite Candy?

Twix bars or ferrero rocher candies

Why did you choose Rumple?

My background in the church called me back, and an opportunity arose at Rumple. When I looked into the congregation, it looked like a vibrant, engaged, missional church, and I was sold!