Becca Vickrey

Wednesday After-School Program

Becca started at Rumple in 2019 when her good friend Stephanie Hankins said, “I have a fun idea that we could do together at Rumple on Wednesdays! Are you interested?” From that point on she has worked as one of the co-teachers in the Wednesday After-School program where she teaches weekly art lessons to our children. Before moving to Boone in 2016, Becca worked as a preschool art teacher at The Children’s Circle in Charlotte for several years and also taught art at Charlotte Preparatory School.

Becca is married to Taylor Vickrey, who she met while attending Appalachian State, and they have two children and an adorable goldendoodle! She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, exercising, and binge-watching a good show with her husband!

What do you like most about winter in the high country?

“Definitely the snow! I love the feeling of waking up early and seeing everything coated in white. I’m always amazed at how pretty it is and I get excited with each snowfall!”

What is your Favorite Candy?

“My favorites are Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark and Junior Mints. I also love Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, but only the miniature size.”

Why did you choose Rumple?

“Initially, it was because Stephanie Hankins wouldn’t take no for an answer. But from the first moment I started working with the children and their families at Rumple, I realized it is a really special place. Rumple is such a welcoming and friendly place and I really value the time I have been here. I love my co-workers and the children I work with each week!”