Kaitlyn Whisnant

Nursery Supervisor

Kaitlyn is currently a senior at Appalachian State University, where she is pursuing a double major in both Child Development with a concentration in family support services and Religious Studies. After graduation, she hopes to either work in the family support nonprofit field or pursue a divinity degree for Children’s Ministry.

The past two summers Kaitlyn has worked as a counselor for Holston Presbyterian Camp, where she had the pleasure of working alongside Madeline Horne. Madeline was working as the nursery supervisor at the time and took Kaitlyn under her wing to be the nursery assistant. 

What do you like most about winter in the high country?

“Going sledding with my friends is my favorite thing about winter in the High Country! During my freshman year, we used to get the trays from the cafeteria and go sledding around campus. Last year my dad bought me a new sled for Christmas, and so now when we have snow days I get to go sledding on the hills near my apartment! Sledding is hands down my favorite part!”

What is your Favorite Candy?

“I love Sour Patch Kids or Hershey Kisses. I can’t decide!”

Why did you choose Rumple?

“My connection with Madeline Horne is what initially drew me to Rumple. However, I have been able to form my own connections and relationships with the congregation. They have truly been welcoming and loving each step of the way, making Rumple the perfect place for me to spend my Sunday mornings. I truly love being able to spend time in the nursery teaching the kiddos about Jesus, whether that be through a craft, a conversation, or simply just providing them with a safe space to play.”