Andrew Beals

Youth Intern

Andrew is currently a senior at App State. His major is Business Management and minor is Religious Studies. He was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He started to come to Rumple in 2020. He enjoys music, video games, sports, and hanging out with friends. He is always happy to talk about any of these topics. Just ask.

What do you like most about winter in the high country?

“College basketball.”

What is your Favorite Candy?

“My favorite candy is Sour Patch Watermelon.”

Why did you choose Rumple?

“I first went to Rumple because of Stephanie Hankins, who is the campus minister of the campus ministry that I attend, PECM. From the moment I stepped in the doors, I felt welcomed. I started the youth intern job because of Stephanie as well. I am currently discerning a call to ministry (not sure what that looks like exactly) so I felt that an internship with a youth group would give me the perfect exposure into the world of ministry. I am very thankful for the community that I have at Rumple through the youth group and other members of the congregation.”