FAQs--If I visited the church, but was not a member, what information might I need?​
Becoming a Member of Rumple Memorial
We welcome all persons who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to join the congregation of Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church.  As prescribed by our PC(USA) denomination, you are invited to become a member in one of the following ways:
By profession of faith:  If you have never been a member of a Christian church, you may join by professing your faith in Jesus Christ.  For any who have not been baptized, you may receive this sacrament.
By reaffirmation of faith: If you have been a member of a Christian church, and your membership is inactive, you may reaffirm your faith in Jesus Christ.
By Transfer of Membership:  You may join by transfer of membership from any Christian church, regardless of denomination.
As an Affiliate Member:  Because we have many seasonal residents, we have established the category of affiliate member.  If you live elsewhere and are a church member there, you may affiliate with us if you ask.  Many of our affiliates take active roles in our service projects, on committees, etc., while they are in Blowing Rock, and receive our newsletters and mailings year round.
We invite all who are interested in learning more about our Church to attend an inquirer’s class, to be arranged by the pastor as needed.  New members are received into membership by the Session after the pastor makes their status known.  If you have an interest in joining us as you seek to live out your faith in Jesus Christ in community with us, please ask the pastor or a member of the Session.
When is worship? ​ We have a service every Sunday at 11 a.m. all year round (weather permitting!).  From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend we also have a  service at 8:45 a.m.
Where do I park?  The church maintains two parking lots at the rear of the campus, accessible from Wallingford Rd.  Sometimes the lots fill quickly and you may need to allow a few extra minutes to park elsewhere in the village if you arrive close to the starting time.
Is there child care?  We have a nursery with trained staff for small children during the time of worship.  The entry is on the lowest level at the back of the building. During worship younger children will also have the opportunity to learn more about our faith in a separate children’s church.
What do people wear?  You will see a variety of dress in our congregation: not all men are in neckties and not all women are in skirts and heels.  Please know you will be welcome regardless of your attire.
Where do I enter?  The main entrance fronts on Main Street but many enter the building from the rear.  A sidewalk leads along the north side of the sanctuary to the main front doors, or an elevator accessible from the lowest level can take you to the main floor lobby and you can enter the sanctuary from the side. You will be welcomed into the sanctuary by an usher-greeter who can help you find a seat if need be.
What can I expect during the service?  Rumple Church observes a traditional order of worship at both our services. The service usually includes sacred choral and organ or piano music, congregational hymn singing, prayer, readings from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and a Scripture-based sermon by the pastor. Special emphases may be observed during worship according to the season of the church year or when special events get highlighted. An offering is taken.  Once a month we observe Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, to which anyone who professes the Christian faith is invited. Our bulletin, now available on line a couple of days before the service, guides you through the order of worship. Worship lasts about an hour.
Do I need to bring a Bible?  Bibles are in every pew if you wish to follow along when the Scripture is read, so you don’t need to bring one unless you want to. 
Will I have to be recognized as a visitor?  We welcome everyone! Members and visitors alike share a moment to greet one another in the name of our Lord at the start of the service. We also hope you will leave your information, including phone and email contact information, with us, and share with our pastor and staff any questions or spiritual concerns you may have, but you will not be singled out as a visitor.
Is the church accessible to the handicapped?  We have an accessible entrance and several parking spaces reserved for the handicapped at the back of the church.  An elevator can bring you to each floor including the L (Lobby) level from which you can enter the main sanctuary.  The town allows pick-up and drop-off at curbside on Main Street, from which level entry is possible.
What about Sunday School?  Sunday school classes for all ages meet at 9.45. Even if you are not a member of a particular class, come try out one or another of our groups, for yourself or your children—they provide opportunities for spiritual growth and learning as well as fellowship.  A schedule is available from anyone at the desk in the Lobby. There’s almost always a pot of coffee on the table during Sunday School hour right across from the elevator. Help yourself!